Sunday, 14 August 2011

New Items Up In My Folksy Shop

Altered Domino Necklaces, Boxes and Hanging Decorations... As shown below:

My Folksy shop is called Storm Crafts and the addy is:
Thanks guys.
Have been thinking of tidying craft room so fingers crossed I'll do that soon!!
Michelle x

Friday, 8 April 2011

Just a little update...

...On what I've been upto... I've actually been crafting again :oD yippeeee!!! It's so good to be making and creating again :o) One thing I've made is pictured below and was for my Dad's birthday present...

I originally wanted to paint the frame brown but I discovered it was plastic and not wood... And I couldn't find my sandpaper - not surprising considering the state of my craft room!! Check out one of my latest videos on Youtube (Wentworthsgal) as I show some of that mess! So instead of painting it I decided to try the old stamping on masking tape technique. Naturally I would have LOVED to have been able to use Tim Holtz's tissue tape but that is soooo expensive here in the UK so I decided to make my own :oD took a bit of playing and I the only ink that I tried that seemed to stick onto the tape was Stazon ink. I had wanted to use brown but I only have black so I used that lol. I tried tinting the tape with Vintage Photo Distress ink and heat setting it slightly then rubbing off any excess with a flannel. Didn't turn out so bad and I was happy with it :o) I inked the edges of Ayse's photo to add to the ye olde feel of it. I think the other techniques used I mention on my youtube video so check it out if you like :o)

I was hoping to catch Rachel's Ustream tomorrow (RachO113 or Rach0113) but I'm going out for lunch with a good friend of mine - she's treating me to lunch as a birthday treat :o) we're gunna have a Chinese buffet so it's all you can eat :oD I'm gunna be stuffed!! I'm hoping to be back by 6 for her start time but we might go for a drink or 2 after so who knows lol! I'm hoping to get her round for some crafting soon too!! Introduce her to 'the bug' :o) fingers crossed she'll get hooked! Lol :o) I love to impart some crafty addiction hehe :o)

A big shout out to all the UK craft youtubers :o) I love you all!! I'm coming across more and more it seems which is great :oD I doubt we'll overtake the Americans lol but it's good to have more and more videos to watch from this side of the pond :oD especially raks :o) hehe.

Anyway big hugs to all

Take care xx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

My poorly ear :o(

After getting an earring back sucked out of my ear canal I now have a sore ear :o( I had no pain whilst it was inside - just a crunchy sound when I yawned or squeezed my eyes shut. The ENT doc decided to damage the lining and made it bleed - sob sob. But... Earing back was out - eventually!! This was a week ago... Now, my ear has swollen up inside and has been very painful this weekend :o( and today it started weeping... It lessened the swelling but still hurts. Going to the docs first thing - see if I can get an appointment or something. I phoned up today to use their automated booing system but their first slot wasn't until the 10th March!!! I can't wait that long - my ear could get worse!

This sucks :o( I don't recall ever having problems with my ears before now.

Oh well, painkiller and sleep now I guess... It is gone 2am afterall!!

Night night, sob sob xx

Monday, 31 January 2011

Errr... Hello?

Ok I should probably start by apologising for not blogging for about 2 months... Sorry! Things just seem to have changed lately. I'm not Youtubing like I used to. I used to watch my craft videos every day without fail! I've not crafted for ages. I've even gone back to buying gifts this year :o( Perhaps I should just watch one video from Arlene and Bona and I'll get back on track... Who knows.

I am reading more tho which is good - I'm currently reading The Morganville Vampires Series which I'm enjoying. Ooh the next series of Vampire Diaries starts tomorrow in the UK!!!! YEYYY!!! True Blood has started back up too :oD Oh how I love the Vampire saturated months. Gunna be boring again once they stop :o( ah well...

I've taken up modeling again too... Had about 4 shoots since December and having a great time! Not doing too well with dieting and exercising to get rid of the belly tho hehe!! I'm just too lazy and love food!! But hey, I'm honest... :o) It's a good trait to have lol. If you wanna see some of the pics check out my Facebook page: I'm loving the airbrusing of my skin on the latest two! Great photographer - Bobtheboulder on and I hope to work with him again sometime :o)

Anyway, take care all, I do miss you...
Michelle x

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ta Daaaa! As if by magic, I appear...

Well, it has been a long time. Sooo sorry for being awol all this time. I have no excuse, I'm just a very very bad person... Ok, well I'm not really bad, just not very good at keeping up with stuff and stuff.

I am however on Twitter so if you wanna follow me - wentworthsgal - ofcourse :-p and I'll probably be using that more than this or Youtube, purely because I can tweet from my mobile with text messages. So simple!! Just my cuppa tea :oD

Anyway - some crafty goodness in the form of some photos :o) just what the doctor ordered :o)
Both of these I made for birthday presents for my cousins. I do have 2 more to show but have yet to take photos of... Naturally none of them were handed in on time - actually tell a lie - the S was handed in on the day of his party so that was pretty good :o) I'm making a new years resolution to be more organised next year!!! I really wanna get into the right headspace and make next year work for me. Do the crafting stuff I wanna do. I have a craft fair lined up mid year which will be good, and I wanna get some more planned too... Wish me luck!!

Organisation, organisation, organisation!! That's gunna be my new mantra. Altho I spose I should really be adding housework, housework, housework too - but baby steps! First things first!! :o)

Hugs to all xxx

Monday, 6 September 2010

Been a while...

...Since I last posted a blog entry so I do apologise...

Well, last night I made JAM!!! Yep my Mum, Mike and myself picked some blackberries from around the corner of our house and I made some jam :oD I used Lyndsey's recipe over here and it was super dooper quick and easy! Had some on my toast this morning and even though I wasn't too keen on the taste, it turned out really well :oD I will however buy a sieve for next time and sieve out the pips lol!! Mike tasted some and decided that even for him it was a bit sweet!!! And believe me, that IS saying something!!! So I shall reduce the amount of sugar next time, see how it turns out. Really looking forward to next year when the strawberries come out again - gunna go pick our own and make some strawberry jam :oD I'm really loving this jam making lol!! Got some plums from my Mum's garden this weekend - she has tonnes on her tree!! I might even make a small pot of jam from a few of them too... :oD who knows :oD I'm feeling the need to make pies and crumbles now too lol!!! So much for trying to *lose* weight!!! Hehe, oh well...

Went to a couple of bootfairs with my Mum too - bought quite a lot :-s oops!! But mostly things to alter and use in my crafting :o) ooh I found some cheap pearl bling too!! Obviously I had to get one of each colour hehe :oD They were from The Works in Folkestone and only £1 so if you're near one of their shops, check them out!!! Also they had some vampire books which I had to get 3 of (3 for £5) unfortunately they didn't have number 1 in the series so I got 2,3, 4 and have instructed my Mum to look out for the others for me lol!! I have plenty to read at the moment anyway lol. Oooh bargain of the century!!! I got a tube of Emerald Green Rub N Buff for 10p!!!!! TEN P!!!!! Can you believe it?!!?!?! Have never tried it before so I was like ooooh yes gimme gimme gimme!! Unfortunately it was the only one in the box so... Otherwise I would have bought them all and shared with my lovely youtube friends :oD

Anyway, I'm off to record my haul goodies from the bootfairs etc...

Big hugs to everyone!!! xx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Another Sleepy Day

Yep I wondered if it would happen and it did lol, spent most of yesterday asleep!! Well, I think it was yesterday, I'm getting confused in my old age lol :-p Ok, so I'm only 29 but hey occasionally I do feel old lol!!

Not much happening on the craft front and none on the craft room sorting front either. Hopefully I'll be a bit more exciting tomoro!!

Hope you're all having a crafty fun time :o)
big hugs xx