Wednesday, 23 June 2010

End Of An Era - New Chapter Beginning

Yep the day finally came... Yesterday was my final exam and the final day of college!! I'm so pleased I survived another year lol. Fingers are now crossed for good results - I did however find the last two papers pretty tricky, so I'm hoping the whole country agrees with me so they might lower the grade boundaries lol :o) well I can dream, no?

So today I have been really lazy - due to being really tired... Me and Scrubby were up til 1am moving pieces of paper without touching them and trying not to create a draft lol. Crazy it may sound but it was a lot of fun :o)

Operation Martha Stewart is gunna be initiated soon - hopefully tomoro I'll be up to it. Sorting out this house, it's so not tidy or organised so I'm hoping to have the energy to do that. Lounge first, bedroom 2nd then craftroom!! Maybe the kitchen in the middle somewhere too. I can't wait to get into that craftroom again and get creating!! It's been too long (and way too messy!!) but now I have nothing to distract me from doing it - other than family - so I have no excuse :o)

I really want to have a somewhat minimalistic look to this place but it's hard when you have naff all storage and too much stuff. I know I should get rid of stuff but crafters are notorious for being hoarders so it's quite tough to do so. Especially as I'm sure I will "need" everything one day!

Anyhoo, sleep is waving its magic wand over me again so I'm gunna stop typing before I start rambling and not making any sense lol.

Big hugs xx