Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Just a little update...

Hi guys,

Well, where to begin? Ok, Friday I had my final biology exam :o) yippeeee!! The end is in sight now lol, only 2 more exams to go - environmental studies - and then I'm well and truely finished with college :o) well unless I figure out what I want to do with my life and find out that more studying and qualifications are involved...!! So, the exam was really REALLY hard and it was only a GCSE - I feel so sorry for all the teenagers taking it at the same time as me - I'm an adult and found it challenging without all the pressures and hormones of being a teenager! But anyway it is done :o) yeyyy :o) Friday afternoon I met with my friend and gave her the mini album I had worked on for her to give as a birthday present. The next day I had a table at my daughters school fair and made around £20 which was good for the amount of people that came and it got my name out there which is the main thing. This time next month I shall be celebrating the end of college and throwing myself into crafting to make a living from it - I hope!!

Here;s the mini I made - excuse the mumbling and wierd voice - was tired and didn;t really know what I was doing :-/ oh well :o) lol

Also here's a birthday present I made back in January or February :o)

The recipient likes penguins so I printed out a gorgeous piccie to place inside the frame :o) baby Mumble looking up at his mummy and daddy :o) how cute!! Need to go upto HC this week and get some more letters to make some more for the cousins birthdays- some which I'm sure I've missed :-/ time flies too quickly I just can't keep up :o(

Anyway, lots of love and hugs to my wonderful followers :o) xxx