Thursday, 22 July 2010

Another Sleepy Day

Yep I wondered if it would happen and it did lol, spent most of yesterday asleep!! Well, I think it was yesterday, I'm getting confused in my old age lol :-p Ok, so I'm only 29 but hey occasionally I do feel old lol!!

Not much happening on the craft front and none on the craft room sorting front either. Hopefully I'll be a bit more exciting tomoro!!

Hope you're all having a crafty fun time :o)
big hugs xx

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Just a little note...

...Coz I'm really tired. Been running around doing all sorts for the last couple of days. Scrubby's possibly had food poisoning and maybe a touch of the flu so I've been doing more around the house which has totally made my body wonder what's going on lol!! I'm hoping to hold out until he's better so that my body can collapse in a tired heap of achy muscles and sleepy sighs and then he can look after me lol :oD

Bought some more storage for the craft room so I'm hopefully gunna do some more to there to sort it all out - STILL!! I'll probably have a nap at some point to catch up on missed sleep and hopefully it won;t be a sleepy day like the other sunday! Not good!! Too much to do, so little time to sleep lol!!

Found some great bargains today craft wise so some are for me and some for my 1 year youtube anniversary lol :oD yeyy!!! Can;t believe I posted my first video almost a year ago!! As it was a tour of my messy craft room, I'm gunna do another tour of this room, one year on - hopefully it won;t be AS messy as before lol!!!

Anyway, sweet dreams xx

Monday, 12 July 2010

My New Etsy Store!!!

Woo hoo!!! Yep I now have an Etsy store to add alongside my Folksy store :o) I've only put one item up so far...

Here they are... 10 recycled envelopes from an old catalogue :o) it all started when I tore the front page off so I could cut out the flowers, then I had to wrap a guys present up and had no wrapping paper - so I thought a page of bras would be gratefully received as the wrapping lol (and it was lol). Couldn't bring myself to throw the rest away so I've been making envelopes with the pages instead :o) I'm gunna get some sticky labels and decorate them so they can be used as envelope seals and address labels to make the use of them more easy and more practical.

Not done much other than this, did a crochet round 'flower' this morning but still in the practicing stage lol! Really looking forward to getting some more stuff up on my Etsy : and my Folksy too:

Feeling full of oomph right now which is great :oD

Big hugs to you all xxx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Accidental Flower

Well, the other day's plans didn;t quite happen as I had hoped - spent most of the morning asleep and had a really tired day instead. Since then tho, I think I have done a bit of tidying up and the craft room is sloooowly getting there. I did do a bit of crafting tho :o) I tried my hand at crocheting some flowers - didn;t quite work out very well (I shall take pics when I've found them again lol) so I decided to have a go at doing some simple circles/rounds instead. First attempt not so good as you can see below... But 2nd much better!!

Next are my "accidental flowers" I was doing rounds but didn't really know what I was doing in regards to increasing or decreasing etc so the edges became too long and went all wiggley :o) pretty cute tho - might put a button in the centres or something to funk it up a bit more :o) I feel I must apologise for the bright neon colours (even worse in real life lol!) my daughter decided to throw out her wool - and how could I possibly let that happen?! So... I rescued it all :o) ..... only to find that in her wisdom of a few years ago so much younger... she'd chopped it all up!! I had fun sorting it all out and putting into separate bags tho :o) and even found a few of substantial length too :o) Hope you like them :o)

Big hugs and crafty times for all... Altho for me I'm off to watch Eclipse later :oD woo hoo!!! Gunna wear my "I'm in love with a vampire" t shirt that my friend gave me :oD hehe

Byeeeee xx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Not really much to report on... Bought a few little bits which I might do a collective haul vid on. Been sorting out the house still - should be doing more on the bedroom but keep getting sidetracked by doing the craftroom instead!! Oopsy!! But tomoro I plan on doing 1 hour downstairs, 1 in the bedroom and then 1 in the craftroom too :o) hopefully make some stuff before I pick littley up from school.

Waaay past my bedtime and battery's bout to fall asleep too.
I shall say gdnight to you all and we shall both go and recharge our batteries to play some more tomoro...

Big hugs and sweet dreams xx