Monday, 12 July 2010

My New Etsy Store!!!

Woo hoo!!! Yep I now have an Etsy store to add alongside my Folksy store :o) I've only put one item up so far...

Here they are... 10 recycled envelopes from an old catalogue :o) it all started when I tore the front page off so I could cut out the flowers, then I had to wrap a guys present up and had no wrapping paper - so I thought a page of bras would be gratefully received as the wrapping lol (and it was lol). Couldn't bring myself to throw the rest away so I've been making envelopes with the pages instead :o) I'm gunna get some sticky labels and decorate them so they can be used as envelope seals and address labels to make the use of them more easy and more practical.

Not done much other than this, did a crochet round 'flower' this morning but still in the practicing stage lol! Really looking forward to getting some more stuff up on my Etsy : and my Folksy too:

Feeling full of oomph right now which is great :oD

Big hugs to you all xxx

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