Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Speedy speedy speedy!!

Hiya peoples,
Well, Today was spent clearing hard drive on sky+ and crafting for the school fair... No pics yet but I shall take some once I've made a few more items. Made 2 notebooks, a door hanger and I've started on an altered large playing card... It's nearly finished.. Not too sure whether I like it or not, it doesn't look that good yet - I'm hoping it'll improve lol!!

Had a great night at my Tarot and Tea tonight and after answering someone's question on what I'll be doing the rest of the week (college and crafting for the fair) I was asked to bring some of my work in to next class :o) It'll be great to see what they think of them :o)

Anyway, I shall bid you all good night and sweet dreams, take care xx

Monday, 26 April 2010

Great News :o)

Woo hoo!! I have great news to tell you guys!! Despite being busy with studying (or so I like to pretend to myself!!) I have booked a table at my daughter's school's upcoming school fair :o) The only downside is... I only have about a month to prepare!!! Yikes!!! So... Once I have the exam today I can sit down and get crafty and make lots and lots of goodies :o) I just hope I don't get crafters block!!! That so would not be good!

So... Today consists of college - I'm already here and killing time before my class at half 1. I've checked my mail so onto reading some blogs and catching up with you guys. Must admit I do not like their keyboard lol - Wentworth's so much easier to type on! This one is on it's way to becoming a typewriter!! Ok, so how many exclamation marks can I fit into one blog post?? I do apologise :oD

So anyway, onto the study bit... Catch up with you soon, big hugs xx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sorry I've Been AWOL...

Hi guys, sorry I've not been around much, I would say it was because I've been studying a lot and also went about 10 days without Wentworth being here - but that kinda doesn't work as I've not been studying as much as I should be and I had access to the internet through Mike's computer so... I have no excuse really lol... :o)

But anyway, Wentworth is back and all healthy after his recent trip to the Dell helath spa. I didn;t half miss him, lol!! I did find myself reading more tho, I managed to finish Twlilight and I'm now onto Richard Hammond's autobio which is really interesting to read.

Craft wise: I'm getting closer to finishing the craft room :oD yey!! But still a lot to do to it. I've been a bust bumble today and have been making two gifts for the Youtube 100 subs giveaway. I think I drew the winners about 3 weeks ago but haven't had much chance until now to get them made - needless to say my fingers went purple with the shimmer spray lol!! I do hope they like their little packages... :o)

Speaking of packages, I wanna say a formal THANK YOU to Angela for her goodies :oD you're such a sweetheart babe :o) and her belated birthday card is amazing!! :o)

Ooh good news on my biology exam results - 2 'A*'s :o) yippeeeee!! I'm so proud of myself :oD just gotta study now for the next exam on Monday :-/ we did the practical this Monday and the questions will be regarding that and some general ones too... Scary!!! I'm at the stage where I can't wait to finish college so I can get stuck in deep with my crafting and get more makes up on my Folksy and maybe Etsy too..

Ooh went to a tarot and tea evening last Thursday (maybe Tuesday?) which I really enjoyed and am really looking forward to the next one :o) I've bought the Universal Waite deck so I can follow the teachings and readings better as the deck I bought about 14 years ago is a native american style so will be more difficult to follow... Until I'm fully confident with this deck first of course :o)

Anyway, just a quick catch up to say I'm still here :o) hopefully I'll be able to blog more frequently when I have less to think about lol!! I cannot wait lol :oD

Big hugs xx

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Is Missing Wentworth!!!

Yes, my Wentworth baby is still not back :o( and to those "sane" people out there, lol, Wentworth is my laptop :o) he went to the Dell health spa about 10 days ago to make him feel all better as he was a bit under the weather and omg I miss him!! Using hubby's computer is sooo not fun - it's slow, not always available to use and it's stuck in one place!! I'm missing watching tubies (youtube videos) in bed lol.

Not been upto much craft wise as I'm still trying to sort the craft room out and have gotten a little closer to moving it into the bigger room :o) the metal bookcase thingy is now in it's new home :o) but still sooo much more to do!! Sigh, it'll get there eventually :o)

Ooh great news :o) I found where I can buy cinnamon flavoured sweets!!! :oD Yey!!

hugs xx