Monday, 26 April 2010

Great News :o)

Woo hoo!! I have great news to tell you guys!! Despite being busy with studying (or so I like to pretend to myself!!) I have booked a table at my daughter's school's upcoming school fair :o) The only downside is... I only have about a month to prepare!!! Yikes!!! So... Once I have the exam today I can sit down and get crafty and make lots and lots of goodies :o) I just hope I don't get crafters block!!! That so would not be good!

So... Today consists of college - I'm already here and killing time before my class at half 1. I've checked my mail so onto reading some blogs and catching up with you guys. Must admit I do not like their keyboard lol - Wentworth's so much easier to type on! This one is on it's way to becoming a typewriter!! Ok, so how many exclamation marks can I fit into one blog post?? I do apologise :oD

So anyway, onto the study bit... Catch up with you soon, big hugs xx

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