Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Speedy speedy speedy!!

Hiya peoples,
Well, Today was spent clearing hard drive on sky+ and crafting for the school fair... No pics yet but I shall take some once I've made a few more items. Made 2 notebooks, a door hanger and I've started on an altered large playing card... It's nearly finished.. Not too sure whether I like it or not, it doesn't look that good yet - I'm hoping it'll improve lol!!

Had a great night at my Tarot and Tea tonight and after answering someone's question on what I'll be doing the rest of the week (college and crafting for the fair) I was asked to bring some of my work in to next class :o) It'll be great to see what they think of them :o)

Anyway, I shall bid you all good night and sweet dreams, take care xx


  1. good luck with selling all your goodies Michelle i think they will be superb..hugs janet

  2. Miss your vids! Come back soon. Libby

  3. Yes I agree Liz..hurry back Michelle

  4. Aww you guy are sooo sweet!!! I'll be back soon - promise!! :o) xx