Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ta Daaaa! As if by magic, I appear...

Well, it has been a long time. Sooo sorry for being awol all this time. I have no excuse, I'm just a very very bad person... Ok, well I'm not really bad, just not very good at keeping up with stuff and stuff.

I am however on Twitter so if you wanna follow me - wentworthsgal - ofcourse :-p and I'll probably be using that more than this or Youtube, purely because I can tweet from my mobile with text messages. So simple!! Just my cuppa tea :oD

Anyway - some crafty goodness in the form of some photos :o) just what the doctor ordered :o)
Both of these I made for birthday presents for my cousins. I do have 2 more to show but have yet to take photos of... Naturally none of them were handed in on time - actually tell a lie - the S was handed in on the day of his party so that was pretty good :o) I'm making a new years resolution to be more organised next year!!! I really wanna get into the right headspace and make next year work for me. Do the crafting stuff I wanna do. I have a craft fair lined up mid year which will be good, and I wanna get some more planned too... Wish me luck!!

Organisation, organisation, organisation!! That's gunna be my new mantra. Altho I spose I should really be adding housework, housework, housework too - but baby steps! First things first!! :o)

Hugs to all xxx