Monday, 31 January 2011

Errr... Hello?

Ok I should probably start by apologising for not blogging for about 2 months... Sorry! Things just seem to have changed lately. I'm not Youtubing like I used to. I used to watch my craft videos every day without fail! I've not crafted for ages. I've even gone back to buying gifts this year :o( Perhaps I should just watch one video from Arlene and Bona and I'll get back on track... Who knows.

I am reading more tho which is good - I'm currently reading The Morganville Vampires Series which I'm enjoying. Ooh the next series of Vampire Diaries starts tomorrow in the UK!!!! YEYYY!!! True Blood has started back up too :oD Oh how I love the Vampire saturated months. Gunna be boring again once they stop :o( ah well...

I've taken up modeling again too... Had about 4 shoots since December and having a great time! Not doing too well with dieting and exercising to get rid of the belly tho hehe!! I'm just too lazy and love food!! But hey, I'm honest... :o) It's a good trait to have lol. If you wanna see some of the pics check out my Facebook page: I'm loving the airbrusing of my skin on the latest two! Great photographer - Bobtheboulder on and I hope to work with him again sometime :o)

Anyway, take care all, I do miss you...
Michelle x