Friday, 26 February 2010

RAK, Tim Holtz and Progress...

Firstly I'd like to thank Jan - for a RAK she sent me!! I was so surprised and happy, I even got one of her fabulous tags :o) Thank youuuuu Jan!! :oD

And I also got a special package in the post too.... My Tim Holtz TSV!!!! Woo hoo!!! The video below shows my youtube vid I took when I opened them up :o) do you think I was excited?! Lol.

Ok, it was taking ages to load the video... Literally over an hour!! So I decided to just add the link above. It's not highlighted yet so I hope it works!! If all else fails, search for Wentworthsgal on youtube and you'll find it lol :o)

Woo hoo!! I can see the floor in the craft room now :oD yippeeeee!!! It's not near finished but at least I can get to my desk without needing mountaineering advice!! Things are slowly starting to take shape :o) I've still got loads of stuff to bring in from the old craft room - including the metal shelving unit and everything on the floor in front of it :-/ but one step at a time me thinks :o)

Ooh I bought a printer today so I can print off my pics for scrapping and also so I can print off digi stamps and background papers etc. Thank you Jan she makes some gorgeous pieces of work using this type of source. The printer I got was just a cheap one. It's a Canon Pixma?? ip1900 I think. It was £25 from PC World online and it had free p&p - which I love!! It took ages for us to set up (well, I say us but I really mean Mike!!) and even longer to print out a decent image! In the end we realised that Windows didn't really like to print the images and we were getting really light pics coming through with no intensity... So... We tried using the software that came with it to print it off and BINGO!! Problem solved :o) The paper used won;t go to waste of course as I'll be using it to work on so I don't make my desk messy :o) I don;t have a proper craft mat and I like to use paper underneath when I'm colouring or stamping so I can test the colours out on the paper first :o)

Ok, I suppose I should go and tidy up some more... A few more tubies first tho perhaps :-p

Happy scrapping!! x

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

New Folksy Makes :o)

Yeyyy!!! Well, I made these items on Sunday and I've finally gotten them up on my Folksy :oD please feel free to have a look and let me know what you think of prices - I find it hard to price my work as it's not just the cost of materials but the love and labour put into it... So any feedback would be gratefully received... :o) Thanks :o) Ok... So item number one which is for my Mum for Mother's Day is this mini notebook which I altered - she loves butterflies so I thought this would be perfect for her - plus it's an ideal size to put in her handbag :o) Ok, next are the other notebooks I altered...

I love these little owls, they're just so adorable!! Especially now I've glossy'ed up their eyes :o)

I hope you like them,

Thanks for looking and reading,

Michelle x

Monday, 22 February 2010

Good girl, naughty girl...

Well... The title says it all really lol... Sunday I was a really good girl and made 4 items - one for my Mum for mother's day and then 3 for Folksy - Piccies coming later today as I'm just about to go to bed coz it's waaay past my bedtime lol. And... I'm a naughty girl because I just bought Tim Holtz's TSV on QVC!! They have craft day on today which just started over an hour ago. The last crat TSV was a Martha Stewart kit which sold out so quickly I didn't even get to see it!! So this time - as I love Tim's work!! - I decided to stay up and watch the opening show live... Just in case it was something really good!! And it is :oD Ok, spoiler coming up if you've not seen it so look away now!! It's about £30 incl p&p and incudes his new book Compendium of Curiosities - which looks fab just seeing the cover lol!! And it has loads of hints, tips and ideas etc which is good :o) You also get Rock Candy Crackle Paint and Stickles, mini Glossy Accents, mini Sepia Accents, blending tool, mini mister, tattered leather distress ink pad and vintage heirloom (?) perfect pearls. May have been a reinker too but I can't quite rememeber :-/ Stay tuned on my Youtube channel - Wentworthsgal coz I am sooo gunna open it on film!! Will be nice to show others what it looks like - especially the book as it's barely been released! Ooh I'm so excited!!

Ok, I gotta go to bed lol. Ooh just one more bit... I had a mock exam in Biology today and I got 33/36 :oD which equals 92% :oD the teacher's not sure of the grade boundaries yet but I'm thinking an A or maybe a high B, but I'm hoping an A lol!! Got another mock next mon then the real McCoy next weds so wish me luck!!! :-/ Gotta get my study brain on as opposed to my crafty brain lol :-p

Anyway sleep is calling me...
Night night xx video & pics of makes tomoro!! Or rather later today lol :-/

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sleepy Day

Well, unfortunately I wasn't having a very good day today - slept most of it away again till about lunchtime. Had fallen asleep on the sofa and got woken up by some stupid salesman on the phone!! Grrr!!! Managed to stay awake for the rest of the day tho, read some blogs, did my games on Facebook etc, but haven't done any crafting today :o( so I shall leave you with a photo of a previous project...

This little notebook I made for Ayse a while ago just to see how it went - I really quite enjoyed it and loved using the cupcake papers from Papermania's sweet nothings collection (I think!!).

Happy crafting!! x

Message In A Bottle

Well I've just sent out a couple of messages with my blog addy on to see if I get any messages to tell me how far it sends!! Fingers crossed!! Wish me luck :oD Have a go yourself too :o) it's wierdly fun lol :o)

Big hugs x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Woo Hoo Crochet Square!!

Woo hoo!! Yes peoples I've managed to re-learn how to crochet!!! :o) My friend taught me years ago how to do the treble one and as I have a book on how to crochet, I thought I would start from the very begining as I couldn't remember a thing lol! And voila!! Here is a not so perfect square I made this morning using double cable or something or other...? :o) Despite the flaws I am very very proud of it :oD and that I was able to follow the instructions and not give up, lol!! It did take me a couple of attempts to get this far!!

I'm working my way up to doing flowers!! So hopefully I can show you my progress upto that stage :o)

As for yesterday, I kinda slept most of the day away, I did however manage to do an essential bit of crafting in the evening - Mike's valentine's card!! Typically I couldn't find what I wanted to use on it so I had to do something different, but it turned out ok, not as great as I'd hoped but good for a last minute deisgn. I'll take a pic of it once Mike's opened it and you can tell me how good or bad it is lol!

Well, hopefully I'll get some more crafting done later. Maybe some more crochet, altho there is a brooch I wanna try using a felt flower and some beads... We shall see... :o)

Happy crafting and............... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! x

Friday, 12 February 2010

Spongebob Square Tags

Doodley doop de doop! Or so the theme tune goes lol. Yey another two items up in my Folksy shop :o) woo hoo!! Two sets of 8 Spongebob tags recycled from my daughters old magazine. When she was tidying her room a while ago she wondered if I wanted to use it for my crafting, who was I to refuse? And after seeing what I was doing with it the other day she promptly went upstairs and came down with some more for me! What a wonderful girl she is :o) and I'm so proud to say that she even made a few gift tags herself :o) I shall show you them tomoro once I've found out if they're fully finished or not.

Ok then, set #1...

And set number 2...

Ok, just for fun... My result was exactly as I imagined it would be lol.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Good job Mike loves me, that's all I can say lol. Thank you to Lynsey at Swirly Thoughts / Swirly Arts at for having this test in one of her blog posts :o)
Hope to catch up with you soon and show some more crafty creations.
Money spent on non-essentials today : £0.00 :oD
Michelle x

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Err... Ok then...

Ok, so I asked my lovely fiance to undo the mini screw underneath this clock so I could put in a new battery and have it in my craft room so I don't lose track of time and, you know, forget to pick Ayse up from school or sommat...! It hasn't happened yet, but you know, better safe than sorry yeah? So... this is what we found inside and after a few minutes of wondering how the top battery would stay in when there was no spring to hold it in place or connect - we saw the little note on it...

And in case you can't read it, it says... "Battery not required in this location". So we had to ask... Why put it there in the first place?? Put a holder in that only has space for one... Makes sense don't you think? Anyway, it did produce some amusement for us, especially as it was late at night and the brain cells had already started to fall asleep one by one! So, yeah :o) thought I'd share that with you :o)

I had planned earlier this morning to get into that craft room and tidy it up (again) but I'm just not feeling it right now so I shall probably get dressed (had shower and am drip drying - yes Angela, lol, aren't I always!! Hehe) then mosey on back downstairs and watch some of the Martha Stewart Crafting on QVC today :o) I'm guna try my best and not pick up that phone!! I'm being very strict with myself and not buying anything at the mo'... Altho I did pick up a cheap teeth whitening pen off of ebay the other day... I'll let yo know I get on... And I *had* to buy it coz my vampire fangs are a bit whiter than my teeth, lol, and I can't be having that now!! :-p

Big hugs x

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Crafting... Check! Youtubing... Check! Tidying....

....Oopsy!! So yes, no tidying of the craft room today BUT I did get some crafting done instead :oD Here is the creative explosion (i.e. mess) which happens to be all over the lounge floor (sorry Mike!!!). And of course my Ayse decided to join in!! :oD Who am I to resist such a wonderful request? Crafting with my little girl :oD = Wonderful :oD

Yep so here's part of the mess lol!! Recycling at it's best :oD I started to amass quiet a few loo rolls so I decided to squash them down to be turned into minis at some point. Also punching out some more book pages and Ayse's old magazine pages for tags too... Spongebob ahoy lol!!
Oh poor little Midnight!!! Our gorgeous fat black cat visitor - she was having a stare out with one of the menaie cats that pick on her. Luckily she was this side of the patio door and the grey and white one was in the garden!! She was making some funny noises! Poor little thing :o( I got some vids of her but you know what it's like - once the camera comes out, they stop! I did managed to get a couple of her squeal type whines tho...

She's such a sweetheart (most of the time!! Lol) it's horrible to think that this cat and another one - ginger and white - like to gang up on her :o( maybe it's coz she's old and fat so they probably think of her as an easy target. But at least she has us to help fight her corner :oD

Well, my little Ayse has now jumped on the bandwagon and is now setting up her own blog too!! I expect she will have a blog that looks far more superior to mine in know time lol!

Well, back to the tags :oD

Take care

Michelle x

Whoop Whoop!! My First Mini Listing!!!

Whoo Hoooo!!! I'm just in the process of uploading my pics onto Folksy - for the first mini album going up on there :oD soooo excited lol... Is that wierd??? :-/ Lol, maybe I'm just easily excitable :oD either way I'm super excited and pleased to have another item in there :o)

Ok, here's the link to the page... Alhto it might need some copy and paste action from your goodself in order to use it lol, I'm rather... err.... bad!! when it comes to computer stuff lol :-p

Ooh a line has just gone underneath the link...!! It may be click city after all :oD yeyyy!!!

Ok, ok, so here are some pics of the mini :o)

Okey dokey, this is what it looks like all tied up and the front cover. The ribbon wraps around the right and ties up and the left to keep the mini closed.

One side....

The other side....

Close ups...

Well, needless to say I'm still getting to grips with adding photos lol!! But I hope you can still see how gorgeous it is!! :-p Lol, ok, ok, I know I made it lol, but I love it and I'm proud of it :oD it's the first accordian one I've made and I'm loving the Papermania papers :oD

Thank you for reading :oD catch up with you soon xxx

Monday, 8 February 2010

Not much done today - craft wise at least!

Well, what can I say... I've been at college all day today, and yes, when I say all day I mean from 9-7!! It's the loooong day of the week, but I don't mind coz I wanted it that way - I only do one other day so I have the rest off to play erm I mean study :-p

Fingers crossed for an eventful day tomoro craft wise... First thing I wanna take advantage of the sunlight and snap my pics for Folksy of the mini I made Friday evening. Wanna make my fiance a v-day card too as that's fast approaching :-/ I would also like to make a few more bits and pieces for my Folksy. Oh yes... I forgot.... That hour of tidying the craft room which I had meant to do at the weekend... Oopsy!! Guess it would be beneficial to do that first huh?

Well, I'm off to settle into the evening now, watch some tubies, write some mail and catch up with the idiot box (i.e tv!! But hey, I do have some docus to watch on the harddrive too lol, so it's not all bad :-p ah, what can I say...? I love tv :o) )

Take care all

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Youtube Vids

Ok... I'm hoping this will work!! I'm not the most technologically minded so fingers crossed... Hopefully below will be the two yourube vids I've just uploaded... :-/

If not, it could just be a load of rubbish lol. I tried to paste in the url and the embed bit too... Hopefully one of two will work lol!!

Hope you like... x

P.s. IT WORKED!! Hehe I'm so proud of myself lol :p

Oops But Yey!!

Well, oops - I didn't get too much done to the craft room... But yey - I made a mini album :o) it's guna be the first one to go up in my Folksy Shop :o) yippee!!! Just gotta do a bit more glossy accents (well Anita's 3D glaze) then it's ready to be photo'd and listed :o)

I had planned on doing an hours craft room tidying today but I'm not feeling all that great - tired and achey :o( so I'll probably just save what's left of my energy to do my homework and to get this mini listed.

The last four of my christmas clocks have been posted up on Youtube (Wentworthsgal) unfortunately I don't have any pics to put up on here and I had nearly forgotten to film them for Youtube - which is why it's a very short vid without any speaking lol!

Ok, guna go shower and try to losen up the muscles in my neck... Fingers crossed!!

I will have pics of the mini soon...

Hugs x

Friday, 5 February 2010

Get That Mess Sorted Out!!

Yep, that is what I'm gunna do today... Sort out my craft room!! Well, as much as I can do anyway... We've swapped rooms so the spare room is now in the slightly smaller room and the craft room / Mike's corner to put his computer room, lol, is now in the slightly bigger spare room :o) yey more space!! I'm determined to get really organised so I can design and make more goodies to give and sell.

I haven't got everything in the new room just yet so I intend to sort out my desk first and work around that. If you've not yet seen my old craft room - check my Youtube channel - Wentworthsgal - for my messy craft room... It never did get sorted out, lol, almost once but then I started creating again and whoops!! Where did all that mess come from?!

I've been a very good girl and not spent any money lately :o) I'm determined to get rid of one of my credit cards this year!! Pay it all off and be done with it :o) When I get sorted out with my craft room I wanna bash out loads of gorgeous goodies which will help pay them off too... Wish me luck!! Lol.

Ok, gunna go do that room!! Get some done before I decide to have lunch first!! Lol.

Hugs and a "Hello" to Angela :o)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

First Blog Entry!!

Well here it is, hopefully the start of something good :o) I aim to add bits about my everyday life and bits about my crafting too... I'm 28 and engaged to a wonderful man who somehow manages to put up with me and my creative flow (aka mess!!). I have the most beautiful daughter who is now 10 going on 18 and I can't believe where the time has gone. She's an absolute treasure and I'm very very proud of her - she's my gorgeous girls and the most precious thing in my life. My fiance is also a treasure and I don't know where I would be without him - he's my rock who keeps me sane!

So... I am currently nursing a cold :o( so I've not been upto much today. I watched a bit of craft on QVC - still have an hour left to watch so I shall do that tomorrow... Watched a few youtubes as well - I'm Wentworthsgal if you wanna check me out.... Oh yes, Wentworth Miller - what a dish! My fiance isn't impressed lol but mmmmm me likey :o)

My good friend Angela sent me a truck load of goodies today for crafting! We're doing a swap and I need to post mine out for her tomoro - hopefully I'll be feeling better and that it won;t be raining again!! THANK YOU Angie!!! Check her out too ANGELAH7030 she does the most AMAZING cards and scrapbooks!!

After a few people asked if I had a blog, I decided to start one up... So here I am ready to share with the world :-/ scary thought!! Be kind, I'm new to this lol!! I hope you enjoy and follow in the ups and downs and twisty turns that my life my take me through...

Michelle x