Monday, 22 February 2010

Good girl, naughty girl...

Well... The title says it all really lol... Sunday I was a really good girl and made 4 items - one for my Mum for mother's day and then 3 for Folksy - Piccies coming later today as I'm just about to go to bed coz it's waaay past my bedtime lol. And... I'm a naughty girl because I just bought Tim Holtz's TSV on QVC!! They have craft day on today which just started over an hour ago. The last crat TSV was a Martha Stewart kit which sold out so quickly I didn't even get to see it!! So this time - as I love Tim's work!! - I decided to stay up and watch the opening show live... Just in case it was something really good!! And it is :oD Ok, spoiler coming up if you've not seen it so look away now!! It's about £30 incl p&p and incudes his new book Compendium of Curiosities - which looks fab just seeing the cover lol!! And it has loads of hints, tips and ideas etc which is good :o) You also get Rock Candy Crackle Paint and Stickles, mini Glossy Accents, mini Sepia Accents, blending tool, mini mister, tattered leather distress ink pad and vintage heirloom (?) perfect pearls. May have been a reinker too but I can't quite rememeber :-/ Stay tuned on my Youtube channel - Wentworthsgal coz I am sooo gunna open it on film!! Will be nice to show others what it looks like - especially the book as it's barely been released! Ooh I'm so excited!!

Ok, I gotta go to bed lol. Ooh just one more bit... I had a mock exam in Biology today and I got 33/36 :oD which equals 92% :oD the teacher's not sure of the grade boundaries yet but I'm thinking an A or maybe a high B, but I'm hoping an A lol!! Got another mock next mon then the real McCoy next weds so wish me luck!!! :-/ Gotta get my study brain on as opposed to my crafty brain lol :-p

Anyway sleep is calling me...
Night night xx video & pics of makes tomoro!! Or rather later today lol :-/


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  2. Hi Michelle so glad you got your Tim holtz special value...i am so tempted but not sure my budget will allow..cant wait to see your video..