Sunday, 14 February 2010

Woo Hoo Crochet Square!!

Woo hoo!! Yes peoples I've managed to re-learn how to crochet!!! :o) My friend taught me years ago how to do the treble one and as I have a book on how to crochet, I thought I would start from the very begining as I couldn't remember a thing lol! And voila!! Here is a not so perfect square I made this morning using double cable or something or other...? :o) Despite the flaws I am very very proud of it :oD and that I was able to follow the instructions and not give up, lol!! It did take me a couple of attempts to get this far!!

I'm working my way up to doing flowers!! So hopefully I can show you my progress upto that stage :o)

As for yesterday, I kinda slept most of the day away, I did however manage to do an essential bit of crafting in the evening - Mike's valentine's card!! Typically I couldn't find what I wanted to use on it so I had to do something different, but it turned out ok, not as great as I'd hoped but good for a last minute deisgn. I'll take a pic of it once Mike's opened it and you can tell me how good or bad it is lol!

Well, hopefully I'll get some more crafting done later. Maybe some more crochet, altho there is a brooch I wanna try using a felt flower and some beads... We shall see... :o)

Happy crafting and............... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! x

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  1. Purple (how did i not know) It is even better than i imagined, the stitching is quite close together. Well done you, before you know it it will become a quilt lol. well done You!