Sunday, 7 February 2010

Oops But Yey!!

Well, oops - I didn't get too much done to the craft room... But yey - I made a mini album :o) it's guna be the first one to go up in my Folksy Shop :o) yippee!!! Just gotta do a bit more glossy accents (well Anita's 3D glaze) then it's ready to be photo'd and listed :o)

I had planned on doing an hours craft room tidying today but I'm not feeling all that great - tired and achey :o( so I'll probably just save what's left of my energy to do my homework and to get this mini listed.

The last four of my christmas clocks have been posted up on Youtube (Wentworthsgal) unfortunately I don't have any pics to put up on here and I had nearly forgotten to film them for Youtube - which is why it's a very short vid without any speaking lol!

Ok, guna go shower and try to losen up the muscles in my neck... Fingers crossed!!

I will have pics of the mini soon...

Hugs x

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