Tuesday, 2 February 2010

First Blog Entry!!

Well here it is, hopefully the start of something good :o) I aim to add bits about my everyday life and bits about my crafting too... I'm 28 and engaged to a wonderful man who somehow manages to put up with me and my creative flow (aka mess!!). I have the most beautiful daughter who is now 10 going on 18 and I can't believe where the time has gone. She's an absolute treasure and I'm very very proud of her - she's my gorgeous girls and the most precious thing in my life. My fiance is also a treasure and I don't know where I would be without him - he's my rock who keeps me sane!

So... I am currently nursing a cold :o( so I've not been upto much today. I watched a bit of craft on QVC - still have an hour left to watch so I shall do that tomorrow... Watched a few youtubes as well - I'm Wentworthsgal if you wanna check me out.... Oh yes, Wentworth Miller - what a dish! My fiance isn't impressed lol but mmmmm me likey :o)

My good friend Angela sent me a truck load of goodies today for crafting! We're doing a swap and I need to post mine out for her tomoro - hopefully I'll be feeling better and that it won;t be raining again!! THANK YOU Angie!!! Check her out too ANGELAH7030 she does the most AMAZING cards and scrapbooks!!

After a few people asked if I had a blog, I decided to start one up... So here I am ready to share with the world :-/ scary thought!! Be kind, I'm new to this lol!! I hope you enjoy and follow in the ups and downs and twisty turns that my life my take me through...

Michelle x

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  1. Oh what she been upto now, first folksy now blog anyone would think she was a crafter! congrats girl!! dont forget to mention your folsky and when you get round to it put up your pics love the pics. And now you have a blog you gonna have to write tutorials he he such fun, good luck with your blog cool first entry!