Friday, 26 February 2010

RAK, Tim Holtz and Progress...

Firstly I'd like to thank Jan - for a RAK she sent me!! I was so surprised and happy, I even got one of her fabulous tags :o) Thank youuuuu Jan!! :oD

And I also got a special package in the post too.... My Tim Holtz TSV!!!! Woo hoo!!! The video below shows my youtube vid I took when I opened them up :o) do you think I was excited?! Lol.

Ok, it was taking ages to load the video... Literally over an hour!! So I decided to just add the link above. It's not highlighted yet so I hope it works!! If all else fails, search for Wentworthsgal on youtube and you'll find it lol :o)

Woo hoo!! I can see the floor in the craft room now :oD yippeeeee!!! It's not near finished but at least I can get to my desk without needing mountaineering advice!! Things are slowly starting to take shape :o) I've still got loads of stuff to bring in from the old craft room - including the metal shelving unit and everything on the floor in front of it :-/ but one step at a time me thinks :o)

Ooh I bought a printer today so I can print off my pics for scrapping and also so I can print off digi stamps and background papers etc. Thank you Jan she makes some gorgeous pieces of work using this type of source. The printer I got was just a cheap one. It's a Canon Pixma?? ip1900 I think. It was £25 from PC World online and it had free p&p - which I love!! It took ages for us to set up (well, I say us but I really mean Mike!!) and even longer to print out a decent image! In the end we realised that Windows didn't really like to print the images and we were getting really light pics coming through with no intensity... So... We tried using the software that came with it to print it off and BINGO!! Problem solved :o) The paper used won;t go to waste of course as I'll be using it to work on so I don't make my desk messy :o) I don;t have a proper craft mat and I like to use paper underneath when I'm colouring or stamping so I can test the colours out on the paper first :o)

Ok, I suppose I should go and tidy up some more... A few more tubies first tho perhaps :-p

Happy scrapping!! x

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  1. Hi Michelle!
    Loved watching your You Tube video, you got so excited over your TSV!!
    I love the Distress Inks, I love pressing them onto acrylic blocks and water colouring with them (dusky Rose is great for skin tones!!)
    Have loads of fun with your new goodies and if you ever fancy doing a RAK with me just drop me a line
    Love Becky xx