Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Crafting... Check! Youtubing... Check! Tidying....

....Oopsy!! So yes, no tidying of the craft room today BUT I did get some crafting done instead :oD Here is the creative explosion (i.e. mess) which happens to be all over the lounge floor (sorry Mike!!!). And of course my Ayse decided to join in!! :oD Who am I to resist such a wonderful request? Crafting with my little girl :oD = Wonderful :oD

Yep so here's part of the mess lol!! Recycling at it's best :oD I started to amass quiet a few loo rolls so I decided to squash them down to be turned into minis at some point. Also punching out some more book pages and Ayse's old magazine pages for tags too... Spongebob ahoy lol!!
Oh poor little Midnight!!! Our gorgeous fat black cat visitor - she was having a stare out with one of the menaie cats that pick on her. Luckily she was this side of the patio door and the grey and white one was in the garden!! She was making some funny noises! Poor little thing :o( I got some vids of her but you know what it's like - once the camera comes out, they stop! I did managed to get a couple of her squeal type whines tho...

She's such a sweetheart (most of the time!! Lol) it's horrible to think that this cat and another one - ginger and white - like to gang up on her :o( maybe it's coz she's old and fat so they probably think of her as an easy target. But at least she has us to help fight her corner :oD

Well, my little Ayse has now jumped on the bandwagon and is now setting up her own blog too!! I expect she will have a blog that looks far more superior to mine in know time lol!

Well, back to the tags :oD

Take care

Michelle x

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  1. Looks like loads of fun!! You are lucky having a girl, all my little boy wants to do is play computer games! He did once say that he wanted to make a card, he wanted to make an invite for his friend to come over and play computer games!! (and he's only 4, more fun times ahead!!)
    Your poor little cat, I have 2, a black girl called Ozzie and a ginger tom called Hendrix, Hendrix is always attacking Ozzie, he's definitely the dominant male!!
    Have a great night!!
    Love Becky xx
    P.S Crafting is always more enjoyable than tidying, although I do love organising and re-organising my craft stuff lol!!