Sunday, 7 February 2010

Youtube Vids

Ok... I'm hoping this will work!! I'm not the most technologically minded so fingers crossed... Hopefully below will be the two yourube vids I've just uploaded... :-/

If not, it could just be a load of rubbish lol. I tried to paste in the url and the embed bit too... Hopefully one of two will work lol!!

Hope you like... x

P.s. IT WORKED!! Hehe I'm so proud of myself lol :p

1 comment:

  1. Hey Michelle!
    Just thought I would pop in to your new blog and say hi! I've been watching your You Tube vids for ages now but I haven't signed up with You Tube so wasn't able to leave you a message!
    Anyway, as a blogger I now can yay!!
    Thanks fo the heads up on crafting goodies in the UK (especially Poundland - can't believe the bargains lol!!)
    Anyway, pop on over to my blog if you have time...
    You will see that I'm a stamping addict!!
    Looking forward to seeing more projects from you!
    Love Becky xx