Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Err... Ok then...

Ok, so I asked my lovely fiance to undo the mini screw underneath this clock so I could put in a new battery and have it in my craft room so I don't lose track of time and, you know, forget to pick Ayse up from school or sommat...! It hasn't happened yet, but you know, better safe than sorry yeah? So... this is what we found inside and after a few minutes of wondering how the top battery would stay in when there was no spring to hold it in place or connect - we saw the little note on it...

And in case you can't read it, it says... "Battery not required in this location". So we had to ask... Why put it there in the first place?? Put a holder in that only has space for one... Makes sense don't you think? Anyway, it did produce some amusement for us, especially as it was late at night and the brain cells had already started to fall asleep one by one! So, yeah :o) thought I'd share that with you :o)

I had planned earlier this morning to get into that craft room and tidy it up (again) but I'm just not feeling it right now so I shall probably get dressed (had shower and am drip drying - yes Angela, lol, aren't I always!! Hehe) then mosey on back downstairs and watch some of the Martha Stewart Crafting on QVC today :o) I'm guna try my best and not pick up that phone!! I'm being very strict with myself and not buying anything at the mo'... Altho I did pick up a cheap teeth whitening pen off of ebay the other day... I'll let yo know I get on... And I *had* to buy it coz my vampire fangs are a bit whiter than my teeth, lol, and I can't be having that now!! :-p

Big hugs x

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