Sunday, 27 February 2011

My poorly ear :o(

After getting an earring back sucked out of my ear canal I now have a sore ear :o( I had no pain whilst it was inside - just a crunchy sound when I yawned or squeezed my eyes shut. The ENT doc decided to damage the lining and made it bleed - sob sob. But... Earing back was out - eventually!! This was a week ago... Now, my ear has swollen up inside and has been very painful this weekend :o( and today it started weeping... It lessened the swelling but still hurts. Going to the docs first thing - see if I can get an appointment or something. I phoned up today to use their automated booing system but their first slot wasn't until the 10th March!!! I can't wait that long - my ear could get worse!

This sucks :o( I don't recall ever having problems with my ears before now.

Oh well, painkiller and sleep now I guess... It is gone 2am afterall!!

Night night, sob sob xx