Friday, 5 February 2010

Get That Mess Sorted Out!!

Yep, that is what I'm gunna do today... Sort out my craft room!! Well, as much as I can do anyway... We've swapped rooms so the spare room is now in the slightly smaller room and the craft room / Mike's corner to put his computer room, lol, is now in the slightly bigger spare room :o) yey more space!! I'm determined to get really organised so I can design and make more goodies to give and sell.

I haven't got everything in the new room just yet so I intend to sort out my desk first and work around that. If you've not yet seen my old craft room - check my Youtube channel - Wentworthsgal - for my messy craft room... It never did get sorted out, lol, almost once but then I started creating again and whoops!! Where did all that mess come from?!

I've been a very good girl and not spent any money lately :o) I'm determined to get rid of one of my credit cards this year!! Pay it all off and be done with it :o) When I get sorted out with my craft room I wanna bash out loads of gorgeous goodies which will help pay them off too... Wish me luck!! Lol.

Ok, gunna go do that room!! Get some done before I decide to have lunch first!! Lol.

Hugs and a "Hello" to Angela :o)

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