Friday, 12 February 2010

Spongebob Square Tags

Doodley doop de doop! Or so the theme tune goes lol. Yey another two items up in my Folksy shop :o) woo hoo!! Two sets of 8 Spongebob tags recycled from my daughters old magazine. When she was tidying her room a while ago she wondered if I wanted to use it for my crafting, who was I to refuse? And after seeing what I was doing with it the other day she promptly went upstairs and came down with some more for me! What a wonderful girl she is :o) and I'm so proud to say that she even made a few gift tags herself :o) I shall show you them tomoro once I've found out if they're fully finished or not.

Ok then, set #1...

And set number 2...

Ok, just for fun... My result was exactly as I imagined it would be lol.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Good job Mike loves me, that's all I can say lol. Thank you to Lynsey at Swirly Thoughts / Swirly Arts at for having this test in one of her blog posts :o)
Hope to catch up with you soon and show some more crafty creations.
Money spent on non-essentials today : £0.00 :oD
Michelle x

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