Sunday, 11 April 2010

Is Missing Wentworth!!!

Yes, my Wentworth baby is still not back :o( and to those "sane" people out there, lol, Wentworth is my laptop :o) he went to the Dell health spa about 10 days ago to make him feel all better as he was a bit under the weather and omg I miss him!! Using hubby's computer is sooo not fun - it's slow, not always available to use and it's stuck in one place!! I'm missing watching tubies (youtube videos) in bed lol.

Not been upto much craft wise as I'm still trying to sort the craft room out and have gotten a little closer to moving it into the bigger room :o) the metal bookcase thingy is now in it's new home :o) but still sooo much more to do!! Sigh, it'll get there eventually :o)

Ooh great news :o) I found where I can buy cinnamon flavoured sweets!!! :oD Yey!!

hugs xx

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  1. Hi Michelle hope you get things sorted soon in all areas..a bigger craft room sounds so exciting..i dont have a craft room yet, my house is way to tiny for that..hope you are all well and had a great easter. hugs Janet