Thursday, 18 March 2010

Long Time No Blog

Well, I've been awol for a bit... Bit of this bit of that got in the way. But I'm back and ready to show something which I've made :o) It's an 80th birthday card... Hope you like it... :o) I've also altered a wooden hanger for my Mum for mother's day but I'd forgotten to take pics lol, I'll have to do that the next time I'm down there...


  1. May your easter be filled with love,joy,laughter,peace and light enjoy the rest and new beginnings......

    I saw a little butterfly she danced along my lane, and as she passed my by she fluttered out your name... She said you must not worry she's giving you peace of mind, and as she left she softly spoke "life will be just fine"...As I watched her fly away a feather floated down, for a dove had landed on a tree then glided to the ground...He said he brings a message from Angels up above, he sings a little whistle to fill your heart with love...He wanted me to remind you of his precious little song and if you know someone who needs it then pass this message on ......

    Happy Easter my dear friends love,light and blessings

  2. "One of my best friends♥ ..I promise you I'll be a true friend♥ .. And I will always care about you :) :) ♥ ♥ this to every best friend you have and me If i'm one of them :)"

  3. i just love this !! very vintage could u perhaps if you remember make a small supplie where u got the images from and the bingo cards thx:)