Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sorry I've Been AWOL...

Hi guys, sorry I've not been around much, I would say it was because I've been studying a lot and also went about 10 days without Wentworth being here - but that kinda doesn't work as I've not been studying as much as I should be and I had access to the internet through Mike's computer so... I have no excuse really lol... :o)

But anyway, Wentworth is back and all healthy after his recent trip to the Dell helath spa. I didn;t half miss him, lol!! I did find myself reading more tho, I managed to finish Twlilight and I'm now onto Richard Hammond's autobio which is really interesting to read.

Craft wise: I'm getting closer to finishing the craft room :oD yey!! But still a lot to do to it. I've been a bust bumble today and have been making two gifts for the Youtube 100 subs giveaway. I think I drew the winners about 3 weeks ago but haven't had much chance until now to get them made - needless to say my fingers went purple with the shimmer spray lol!! I do hope they like their little packages... :o)

Speaking of packages, I wanna say a formal THANK YOU to Angela for her goodies :oD you're such a sweetheart babe :o) and her belated birthday card is amazing!! :o)

Ooh good news on my biology exam results - 2 'A*'s :o) yippeeeee!! I'm so proud of myself :oD just gotta study now for the next exam on Monday :-/ we did the practical this Monday and the questions will be regarding that and some general ones too... Scary!!! I'm at the stage where I can't wait to finish college so I can get stuck in deep with my crafting and get more makes up on my Folksy and maybe Etsy too..

Ooh went to a tarot and tea evening last Thursday (maybe Tuesday?) which I really enjoyed and am really looking forward to the next one :o) I've bought the Universal Waite deck so I can follow the teachings and readings better as the deck I bought about 14 years ago is a native american style so will be more difficult to follow... Until I'm fully confident with this deck first of course :o)

Anyway, just a quick catch up to say I'm still here :o) hopefully I'll be able to blog more frequently when I have less to think about lol!! I cannot wait lol :oD

Big hugs xx

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  1. congratulations on your a stars michelle a real achievement indeed..good luck with your tarot deck i am sure it will become an invaluable tool for glad your back so nice to hear from you..hugs janet