Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Not really much to report on... Bought a few little bits which I might do a collective haul vid on. Been sorting out the house still - should be doing more on the bedroom but keep getting sidetracked by doing the craftroom instead!! Oopsy!! But tomoro I plan on doing 1 hour downstairs, 1 in the bedroom and then 1 in the craftroom too :o) hopefully make some stuff before I pick littley up from school.

Waaay past my bedtime and battery's bout to fall asleep too.
I shall say gdnight to you all and we shall both go and recharge our batteries to play some more tomoro...

Big hugs and sweet dreams xx


  1. Hey Michelle did your parcel arrive yet? hugs Jan

  2. hey, anyone seen my friend? She went missing about Monday, the last I heard from her was she was going to try and sort out her craftroom, If I dont hear anything today, the coast guard, police, ambulance and Fire brigade will be called to her address to help dig her out of the mountain of products that have fallen on her. Hope you are making good progress, leave me an email soon babe